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If you are interested in importing goods from China or getting in contact with business partners from China, here is the right place for you! We, the Bizz2China team, can help you with all the needed services and solutions for importing from China, based on a partnership built on trust and transparency. Our consulting services for China imports and international trade can help you, either if you are already an experienced importer or you are just starting this business and you need not only help, but also guidance. Our team is made of people with more than 10 years of experience in the international trade, based both in Romania and China.

Most of our team members speak fluently multiple languages, mainly English and Chinese, having a broad experience both in doing business in China and in the related services. We offer you the full services for China imports, our goal and main objective being to support you in buying quality products from China at the best possible prices. Our services go both ways, importing from China to Romania or exporting from Romania to China and we follow a comprehensive process, going from identifying the best options in terms of the products you are interested in, doing the quality check, all the needed translations, full order processing, container load and door to door transport.

It’s well known that for many years China has emerged in being the most important supplier of goods for most industries, manufactured at incredibly competitive prices which offer great opportunities and can bring huge profits if imported in an efficient and smart way, keeping all the cost related to the importing process at a minimum level. These being said, there are multiple risks along the way, which might discourage a business from kicking-off the import process and so blocking the concrete steps towards importing from China. Obviously, being involved in the international trade is not an easy business, but it is always a matter of choices: we can look at these challenges as insurmountable entry barriers or as fantastic opportunities. If you are reading this, for sure you belong to the second category, the one of identifying the opportunities and this is exactly the reason for which you do need a professional agent to offer you the right consulting for the China imports. Contact us right away, you can count on us!

We realize that a business interested in China imports is not only looking for the smallest possible prices, but has various criteria for selecting a specific Chinese supplier (or more than one), suitable and compatible with its specific needs. Our team will work closely with you, to first understand these needs, to recognize your expectations when it comes to the quality of the goods you are looking for, to asses the right delivery time, the most cost efficient quantity, the best way to pack the goods and so on. Your goal will also be ours: to find the best China supplier that really meets your specific requirements.

A very important aspect will be to also find the best option when it comes to the logistics: both the cost and the delivery time will be taken into consideration. We also have the resources to store your goods in our own warehouses, if needed. This might be a very important aspect in case your project requires various goods, purchased from different suppliers, but you want all of them to be delivered together. Warehousing in China is much cheaper than in most developed countries from Europe, so doing this has a strong potential in terms of minimizing the overall cost for your business, in relation to the China imports. Finally, your purchasing price will also go down.


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The main 3 steps of importing from China

1. Finding the right suppliers

Send us an email with all your goods specifications and we will identify the right supplier(s) for you.

2. Purchasing and negotiations

In the Chines culture, a negotiation is an important social event, during which a partnership is being build. Count on us, we have negotiated hundreds of import contracts in China!

3. Customs commissioner and logistics

We take care of all the duty administration processes and the whole logistic cycle, so you can focus on running your business!

Are you interested in importing from China but you don’t know how to start?
You found a supplier but want to make sure he can really turn into a business partner?

With us, importing from China can really happen!
You can count on us!

Case study – the Dagadam Watch

Bizz2China has the capability to implement complex projects, which need multiple components. In this specific case, for the Dagadam smart watch, Bizz2China has done the full sourcing, identifying the suppliers for all the components and supervising the manufacture of the molds (frames, housing, belts, etc.). This is a very good example for how we managed to coordinate and bring together and at the same level of understanding of our customer’s needs various suppliers, from different industries, which had to be compatible not only from a technical and qualitative perspective, but also in the sense of understanding and integrating a common software.

How can Bizz2China help you?

1. YOU RECEIVE THE FULL OFFER – From checking and recommending the suppliers from purchasing the goods, from price negotiations to writing down the purchasing contracts, we handle them all. Our team will order the goods that you need, will do the quality check for them and will overlook the whole process of importing from China. We make sure we close the cicle by making sure the products will be delivered right at your premises.

2. JUST TRY OUR SERVICES  – You can afford our tariffs! These are calculated by adding our fee to the overall value of your order. Our fee varies based on the amount of this value..

3. MAKE USE OF AN EXPERIENCED TEAM AND FORGET ABOUT THE COMPLEXITY OF A CHINA IMPORT – trusting you partner is essential for a successful China import. You get to this trust only if you know that real professionals are working for you! A professional team that already handled hundreds of China imports. Bizz2China is present with offices located both in Romania and China.

4. YOU GET IN CONTACT WITH REAL MANUFACTURES, NOT WITH FAKE AGENTS  – The issue with some of the websites that offer various products is that they pretend to be manufacturers, but they are just agents representing the actual factories. They will introduce themselves as manufacturers, but in reality they are just brokers, looking to sell you goods that they will actually purchase themselves, obviously at minimum prices and so of lower quality. Obviously, this will lead to endless issues, with a single option for finalizing your China import: in a very negative way, in which you will end up paying more than you should for a quality below the one you were expecting. Bizz2China is constantly updating its supplier database, taking out from it all these fake manufacturers, so that our supplier database is, in itself, a very valuable resource for our company. This way, we make sure that you will only be linked to fair and professional suppliers, with which you will be able to build a long term and win-win business partnership.

5. QUALITATIVE SUPPLIES  – Finding the goods that you need at the quality that you look for is the biggest issue when you want to purchase various supplies, especially when you want to get them as imports. We will support you in identifying these goods, at the right quality level, following the whole manufacturing process. Bizz2China is working with quality agents from all over China. This way we make sure our customers will be supplied with the right products at the right time!

6. SAVE YOUR VALUABLE TIME AND GET BETTER RESULTS – To find the right suppliers and to be able to check its credentials is basically impossible to be done remotely. This stands true also in the case of negotiating with Chinese manufacturers. Our team is in close and continuous contact with the Chinese suppliers, and we speak their language on a native level. On short notice, the Bizz2China team can meet face to face with the manufacturers’ representatives. This will significantly improve the communication process, speed up the order processing and solve the unexpected problems much quicker, sometimes in a matter of hours, instead of days or weeks.

7. WE SOLVE THE ISSUES ON THE SPOT – Most consultants will guide you regarding the importing process. However, when something unexpected will show-up, you will have to handle these cases by yourself. At Bizz2China, we are proud to say that we never follow this approach. Issues will most probably come up and this is exactly the reason for which you need a team that has the capacity to go directly to the manufacturer’s premises and solve them. This team can only be the Bizz2China team, because it’s only us that have the capacity to do that, having Chinese colleagues, based in China, available for you, to represent you directly when dealing with the suppliers.

8. YOU GET THE FINAL PRICE BEFORE PLACING THE ORDER  – It is great to get a price from the manufacturer, but which is the total cost? You need to consider the logistic costs, the duty taxes, but also the insurance. Bizz2China will come with the total costs before you actually place the order, so that you can efficiently control your budget.

9. SAVE UP TO 50% USING SHARED CONTAINERS– A precise evaluation of the quantity of your goods is essential to understand if they will be enough to load a full container from China or not. If you will work with us, this evaluation will be part of our services. We will find the best option for any case, including sharing a container with other customers, so that you will benefit from the best possible transport prices.