Importing from China without a detailed quality control of goods involves risk factors that can negatively affect the success of the transaction. Permanent supervision of the technology process means protecting the investment.
The manufacturer must be aware throughout the duration of the collaboration that there is a quality control implemented at a level equivalent to an audit of the technological process.
This type of control is not intended to remedy existing irregularities but to prevent them from occurring.
Obtaining production samples from the very beginning means setting-up quality standards that are to be followed throughout the process, these standards being imposed to the manufacturer from the very beginning, by means of a contract.

Comparative tests will also be performed at regular intervals to verify the quality of the products.It is important to mention that, for countless reasons, some Chinese producers do not fully implement the exact terms of the product specifications, this meaning that even the most delicate, sometimes unresolvable scenarios come into place, making it impossible for a Chinese importer to solve without a continuous support within the Chinese market.
In this respect, Bizz2China will provide permanent support and will take steps to avoid any negligence. You can count on us!

What our customers say

A very successful partnership! This is how I would define working with Bizz2China. They are a dynamic, flexible team with lots of experience. A single visit to China was enough for us to convince ourselves of the quality of their services and their involvement in our imports from China.


The Bizz2China team was very efficient, both in identifying the products we needed and in negotiating the best conditions with the Chinese manufacturer. While for the delivery time, this was actually put in place, which was almost surprising for us.


The partnership that we built with Bizz2China, which is still active today, is a truly professional business one, our import processes being really well managed by the dynamic and professional Bizz2China team, both in Romania and China.


We are your reliable partners to grow a business based on products imported from China

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