Our Story

Our story begins in 2001, when the founder of the company, Claudiu Ciobanu, has chosen China to complete studies in Economy and Trade statistics in the Chinese language, following the way opened by his parents, who have become importers of products from Asia and, in particular, from the People’s Republic of China since 1993. Today, he leads a team of specialists in imports from the People’s Republic of China, a joint team, Romanians and Chinese, with most of the members located in the People’s Republic of China.

Bizz2China, a company specialized in imports from the People’s Republic of China emerged in 2006 as a reaction to the quality problems that Romanian Importers had at that time. Thus, we became the first Romanian company on the market in the People’s Republic of China. 14 years have passed since then, years in which we have accumulated a vast experience, with detailed knowledge of the Chinese market of goods, the interaction with hundreds of factories and Chinese producers and the negotiation of hundreds of contracts for our customers.

Naturally, our team has increased and has become specialized, including today colleagues dedicated on purchasing / colleagues specialized in sourcing, quality control, and those dedicated to logistics and transport.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, Bizz2China proves to be the number 1 partner in the relationship between importers and major producers in the People’s Republic of China. The strong portfolio of our company is not just a business card, but also the guarantee of a successful implementation of any contract to import from China.

We have become specialists in imports from the People’s Republic of China and we can provide the quality assurance of the imported goods, the seriousness of suppliers and transport to your warehouse carried out under full safety – everything in the best possible conditions.

Regardless of the goods or products that you want to import from the People’s Republic of China, the quantities you need or the complexity of the product you are looking for, you can trust our services! We allocate all the resources we have on the Chinese market to be able to offer the best price you can find, which will offer an increased profitability by maximizing your margin when selling the products made in China.

Bizz2China, your specialists in imports from the People’s Republic of China. You can count on us!


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When it comes to importing from China, our oldest partnership that we have is with Lancom Distribution, which are Bizz2China’s customers since 2006! Lancom Distribution are one of the most important HORECA suppliers of Metro Cash&Carry.

During the years, many important companies trusted our services for their China imports needs, just to name a few: Distributie Mobila SRL, Papiric Romania – Mega Image Dealer, Genius Grup Brasov, Prestagent SRL, etc.

The recent years have also brought various partnerships in the field of new technologies, a very good example being the Dagadam smart-watch, for which Bizz2China has done the full sourcing, identifying the suppliers for all the components and supervising the manufacture of the molds (frames, housing, belts, etc.). Thus, we managed to coordinate and bring together, on a common ground of understanding the customer’s needs, various suppliers, from various industries, which had to be compatible not only from a technical and qualitative perspective, but also in the sense of understanding and integrating a common software.

No matter how complex your business or project is, if you want to make it happen, the Bizz2China team has the capacity and the know-how to coordinate all the Chinese imports that you will need. You can count on us!

We are your reliable partners to grow a business based on products imported from China