Why using Bizz2China services?

  • Bizz2China is one of the very few business consultancy companies specialized in China imports consulting. We offer you all the needed tools for you to get a successful deal. From identifying the best options when it comes to the products you are interested in from quality checks and logistics. We take care of all the aspects involved in the import process. If you have specific questions about China imports, we are here to help! You can contact us right away!

How does your service work?

  • We make sure the imports from China are running smoothly. This includes taking care of all the needed steps, including: identifying the best suppliers; checking and comparing various product options; negotiating the best possible prices and the most efficient quantities; sending you the current offers of the identified products; writing down the China import contract; following the whole purchasing process; quality checks; shipping, taxes and insurances; duty works; translation services, etc. Our services follow a specific flow, in order for the import process to be efficient and safe.

I have already found a supplier in China, but I still need help. Could you help me?

  • This is a quite common scenario that we are facing. There is one thing to find a supplier over the internet and a very different thing to make a bank transfer in its account without knowing for sure your money will actually pay for the goods you are really interested in. Bizz2China can check if the supplier you found is really trustworthy and can support you in the negotiation process. Also, we can offer you alternative options in terms of various other suppliers, so you can compare their offers.

I have already done some imports from China, How could Bizz2China help me?

  • Bizz2China has a broad experience with importers and there are multiple reasons they use our services. Firstly, the whole process, from negotiations to the approval of the specifications, from signing the contract to managing the logistics, can be very time consuming. Most of the importers choose to work with a partner they can trust and which can take care of all these aspects. This means more time for their core businesses.
    Secondly, our customers use Bizz2China as an extension of their own companies. No matter what you would do, you cannot replace the physical presence in China of a specialized buyer that represents you and looks after your interests and needs. Manufacturers do make mistakes and it is critical to identify them and eventually solve all the issues that might come up.

How can I trust the quality of the products I want?

  • There are certainly many risks when purchasing from China, if there is not a very well structured quality check process in place. This is exactly the reason why Bizz2China strongly recommends that a quality check will take place, either done by yourself, by visiting the Chinese factory that is producing your goods, or by hiring us to do it, through our specialized team of quality controllers which have in their portfolio hundreds of successful purchasing deals.

Is it possible to have my own brand on the products I’m buying from China?

  • Yes, it is, but the way this will happen will depend on the manufacturer, the quantity of your order and how exactly you would like to brand your products.
  • Branded labels or packaging, using your company’s name or logo it’s a common service, which comes at a insignificant cost or even free of charge. However, more complex solutions might come with a higher price. We will be happy to guide you in this area, too!

Could I get samples before placing the order?

  • Yes, of course! We do this very often, getting the samples for you, before placing the order.
  • Yes, of course! Please send us an email at contact@bizz2china.com or call us at 0788.700.800