Are you thinking about starting a small business, to renovate, to build or to become a subcontracted supplier of a bigger company? Importing from China allows you to use your financial resources in a more efficient way. With our support, you can enter the Chinese market directly.

There are multiple opportunities to get your goods from China – the Chinese manufacturers can produce basically any product you could think of. But how to actually get these products and take advantage of this opportunity?

Almost anybody can make significant profits importing from China, if you follow the right steps, in the right order. First of all, you need to study the process of importing from China to Romania (to EU).

I. What product whould you import from China?

Where to start from? You could be in one of these two situations:

1. You already know what you want to import from China to Romania

2. You don’t know exactly what you want to import

If you know already which products you want to bring from China, that is great! The next step is to determine the most efficient quantity that you would need.

If you don’t know exactly what you would like to bring from China, than study the market, understand the opportunities and find an added value that you could bring, to differentiate your goods or services from the current offers.

Various people have great success with some products imported from China. You will need a market to sell your goods, when they will arrive from China, so always start by studying the current market conditions. Ask potentials customers what exactly they would like to buy and what price they would be willing to pay? China is considered to be the “world’s factory”, and that’s because there is such a wide offer of various products from where you can choose whatever you like. You could consider anything, from steel products to home appliances, from furniture to textiles, from plastic materials to chemicals or any other niche products.

II. Which would be the right quantity of products to order from China?

Many companies, after deciding on the goods they want, realize the fact that they don’t know the right quantity they should order, simply because it is difficult to estimate how many items they could sell. Sometimes, they decide they would prefer to have just a few samples, to test the market first, before placing a big order.

Knowing the accurate quantity of your order is really important, as you will need to let your Chinese supplier know what exactly you want and in which quantity, in order for him to be able to make you an offer. And the order quantity will determine how many Chinese factories will be willing to make business with you:

  • Ask for too many units and some manufacturers will not send you an offer, as it will be beyond their production capacity
  • Ask for too few units and some manufacturers will not send you an offer either, because it is not possible or profitable for them to produce the product you want.

You should aim at getting at least six offers for the product you are looking after, in order for you to figure out its correct market price, as the prices vary a lot on the Chinese market.
To get the best possible deal, you will have to provide the supplier with:
1. The quantity of your 1st order
2. You monthly, quarterly and yearly order volumes

Noi suntem partenerii tai de incredere pentru a dezvolta un business cu produse fabricate in China

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