1. Send us the specifications of the desired products.

We will identify the most suitable Chinese manufacturers from the point of view of the quality-price ratio.
We will short-list them and the account manager appointed to deal with the transaction will make a thorough check on their business legitimacy. Later, we will start negotiations on your behalf.
To the extent that the desired product allows, you will receive samples, along with all the costs that will be incurred, until the receipt of the goods in your warehouse.
The product samples will reach you to give you the assurance of the quality of imported goods from China.

2. Approval of the order

Once the order is approved, the Bizz2China team will carry out the following operations: quality control of China products; completing the sale and purchase contracts; organization of the entire logistic process (shipping, transport routes to the beneficiary).

3. Payment to the producer

Once you have made sure that all your conditions are stipulated in the contract, you and your Chinese partner will sign it in. It’s time to make the payment.

Once the quantity has been established and the above operations have been completed, Bizz2China will carry out all China import formalities, using the ”door to door” approach:

  • shipping;
  • logistics;
  • permits;
  • completing forms for fees;
  • insurance.

Bizz2China import services don’t only mean that an experienced negotiator with an in-depth knowledge on the Chinese commodity market will be available to you, but also the simplification of all logistics operations.

We are your reliable partners to grow a business based on products imported from China

If you want to find out directly from the source, if you want to develop a successful business, contact us to find out all the information required!