Are you getting ready for importing? This is what you need to take care of:

1. You might choose an unapropriate supplier

Many people think that they will do a great bargain in China if they will choose the smallest price. However, there is a strong risk that they will end up paying for low quality products. Think carefully before taking a decision, to avoid any surprises related to your China imports.

2. You might close the deal without a quality check

Would you take the risk of receiving other products than the ones you ordered? Please consider the risk that this situation might occur.

3. Visiting the factory. What’s the point?

From your overseas offices you will never be able to know exactly what you are paying for. The reality in the factory might be different from the one that has been presented to you online or on the phone. Visiting the factory premises on the Chinese land can prove to be valuable. It’s the only way you can see yourself the quality of the equipment and the skills of the workers.

4. Inappropriate packaging

Usually, manufacturers don’t take care of the proper packing of the goods, considering the fact that the products will travel long distances, intercontinental ones. You need to clearly specify the need of professional packing and put it in the contract.

Bizz2China can offer you a professional team that will protect you for such risks. You can count on us!

We are present on the Chinese land
Our colleagues from our office in China are permanently screening Chinese suppliers to make sure they find the best offers for a profitable China import: quality products and discounted prices.


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Invoices and payment options

How are the invoices issued?

When it comes to importing from China, our oldest partnership that we have is with Lancom Distribution, which are Bizz2China’s customers since 2006! Lancom Distribution are one of the most important HORECA suppliers of Metro Cash&Carry.

During the years, many important companies trusted our services for their China imports needs, just to name a few: Distributie Mobila SRL, Papiric Romania – Mega Image Dealer, Genius Grup Brasov, Prestagent SRL etc.

Which are the payment options for the Chinese imports?

Usually, the payment terms require a 30% down-payment, in order for the production to start, while the other 70% is to be paid only after Bizz2China will do the quality check for the products. This check can be done either at the manufacturer’s premises or inside Bizz2China’s own warehouses.

We are your reliable partners to grow a business based on products imported from China