Do you know how to negotiate in a professional way?

For the Chines people, the negotiations are important social occasions, in which the relationships between the partners get stronger. For those interested in purchasing from China, not fully understanding the cultural context and the mind set-up of the supplier might represent a significant weakness with significant negative implications in getting the best possible deal. To get there, you need, for sure, the support of experienced professionals, who truly understand the Chinese culture, who live in China and have daily interactions with the Chinese suppliers.

Bizz2China looks after its customers’ interest along the whole import process, from identifying the right products and suppliers to delivering the goods. All the steps will be carefully supervised and all the details will be strongly negotiated, until the final details of the deal will be written within a contract.

Once we fully understand your needs and have all the details of the goods you are interested in, we will know how to negotiate the financial and business terms, to define your precise requirements in terms of production and to customize the whole import process based on your specific necessities.

If you will enter in a partnership with Bizz2China, you will have all the benefits of our know-how: knowing in advance the production costs, the logistic details and a comprehensive monitoring of the whole purchasing process.

A clear strategy defined prior to starting the negotiations with the supplier and a continuous support from Bizz2China will allow you to avoid the cultural and linguistic barriers and to turn them to your advantage, which might open new opportunities in doing business based on China imports.

We enhance our partnerships by updating you with accurate economical trends and a detailed analysis of the Chinese business environment, tailored to the industry you are activating in.

Any process in which Bizz2China gets involved comes with assuming the responsibility for it, with a clear and continuous communication and with full involvement from our side. You can count on us!

We are your reliable partners to grow a business based on products imported from China