Maybe you also noticed that almost all the international, well-known brands, have lots of ideas, in order to atract clients and raise the sales, one of those being the offering of the gifts and other promotional items.

There are promotions in every business area, like food industry, alcoholic beverages, etc and lots of people want to win those items or gifts, so they buy the product. And guess what? Using this method, the companies raise easily the sales and gain new customers.

From Coca Cola, Heineken to Nestle, every important company appeals to this idea. Even people like Donald Trump chose to offer gifts, in order to be more successful. Of course, first of all, you have to get familiar with the profile of your ideal client, is the only way to know what you have to do, in the future.

Big companies have special employes who analyse the mentality of the customer, so they know what kind of advertising is the most responsive.

Back to the promotional gifts, make sure that you produce those items at a lower price, so it will be a real business, for you. What you could do? Produce or import from China, of course!


All the big companies have agencies in China and people in charge of it. So, if you want to make a special offer for your clients, choose to work with a professional team, such as Bizz2China and buy directly from China. It will be a win win situation, both for you and your future clients.

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