If you think to import from China, it would be best to get familiar first with Yiwu, a well known city in China, especially for business people.

How many people have heard about Yiwu? The chinese city which connects Europe with China, through the longest railroad in the world?

In case you don’t know, this chinese town is known as “the largest goods market in the whole world” and it is recognised by the United Nations (UN), the World Bank and Morgan Stanley. Of course, after they visit this magic fair, a lot of businessmen choose to import merchandise, directly from China.

If you are in China and you are in search of producers or providers, for your own business, it means that it is the perfect moment to go to Yiwu. Yiwu Market impresses all the customers thanks to the permanent faires and amazing offers. And it is something perfectly normal…

Where in the world cand you see a fair like Futian Market or Yiwu International Trade City, which extend on a surface of 4.000.000 m2 and accommodates more than 70.000 shops?

It seems incredible, but is something very real, here you can see more than 200.000 exhibitors and 500.000 products, so you better choose to import from China. Whatever you are looking for, surely you’ll find it and the good news is that the products can and will be delivered very quickly. The fair is very important for every businessman, more than 10.000 visitors come here daily.

Well, Bizz2China is located in Yiwu, a small town for China, with only 2 millions inhabitants, but with a great potential. Whoever wants to import merchandise from China, can be sure that Bizz2China knows the most serious and reliable providers. The company offers even the “door to door” facility, which means that the merchandise you ordered will be delivered direcly at the address you mentioned.


So, it would be best for you and your business to work with a professional team. If you choose to visit Yiwu Market, make a serious research first, in order to find the period of time which best suits you. The faires lasts a few days, so that everyone can pick the goods he wishes for.

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